Customer Service

Our cleaning company is independently owned and fully run by us. We are members of “ The British institute of cleaning Science ” or BICSc for short.

The BICSc helps it’s members to promote the highest standards within the cleaning industry.

We will ensure that our customers receive consistently high standards of customer service. It also explains what level of service you can expect from our cleaning company when you contact us. Some of BICSc’s cleaning companies include additional standards relating to the particular service they provide.

The Customer service standard was developed as part of the BICSc’s drive to put the customer first and deliver services that are a benefit to all.

We are leading the way with a more customer focused way of delivering cleaning services.

We aim to give the highest standard of customer care to all members of our community. These standards will help us to deliver a high level of service across all our services and it sets standards for dealing with customer contact through whichever way you wish to contact us.

To make sure you can access our service when you need to you can contact us in range of ways:

• telephone
• face-to-face
• letter
• internet/email
• fax

Our Customer Service Standards promise:

We will treat customers with respect and always offer a friendly, polite service. We welcome and listen to comments, compliments and complaints and follow the BICSc’s complaints procedure.

If you make a complaint

• we will acknowledge your complaint in 1 working days and inform you who will be dealing with your complaint. 
• we will respond to a Step 1 complaint in 3 working days
• we will respond to a Step 2 complaint in 5 working days
• if we cannot answer your complaint within the timescales provided we will contact you and tell you why and when you can expect a full response.
• If you are not satisfied with the response provided by the final response received from us you may contact BICSc who will take review your complaint free of charge.

Cost Saving:

We ensure you that you will get a cost effective and reliable service. You can get the best value with us and our rates are economical enough to win business in open competition.

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